Leadership Team

Local Federal Coordinating Committee (LFCC)

Responsibilities: Responsible for the overall operation and success of the Combined Federal Campaign. Specific responsibilities include the following: naming a campaign chair, determining local agency eligibility, selecting the PCFO, encouraging local federal agency participation, establishing a network of federal employees to serve as coordinators and key workers, ensuring pledge cards and brochures are faithfully reproduced, determining incentives for contributors, holding campaign events, determining campaign themes, communicating year-round to the federal community, and producing a local video.

Objective: Lead and motivate federal agency heads, campaign committee volunteers, loaned executives, and federal employees to achieve the established federal community campaign goal.

Gary Ford, TVA

Paul Enlow, TVA
Jan Gobble, TVA
Mary Jacobs, TVA
Bandi Shewbart, TVA
Sylvester White, SSA
Mark Willingham, TVA

Principal Combined Fund Organization (PCFO)

Niles Floyd, CFC Director, United Way of North West Alabama, 256-764-5892, cfcshoals@uwshoals.org


John Blackwell and Joan Marsh are TVA retiree who provide volunteer support the campaign.